Trade­mark Para­le­gal

Für das neu eröff­ne­te Münch­ner Büro einer aus­län­di­schen Kanz­lei suchen wir einen

Trade­mark Para­le­gal (w/m)

für fol­gen­de Auf­ga­ben. Wir zitie­ren aus der Stel­len­be­schrei­bung:

  • dealing with reclas­si­fi­ca­ti­on issu­es for exis­ting regis­te­red marks.
  • dealing with inco­m­ing office actions under the super­vi­si­on of a tech­ni­cal­ly respon­si­ble per­son, e.g. spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on que­ries and for­ma­li­ties (with the excep­ti­on of com­pli­ca­ted  spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on que­ries or other objec­tions which may be dealt with by a fee ear­ner).
  • col­la­ting evi­dence and poten­ti­al­ly draf­ting affi­da­vits, sta­tuto­ry decla­ra­ti­ons and wit­ness state­ments under the super­vi­si­on of a fee ear­ner.
  • new filings.
  • gathe­ring evi­dence for liti­gious mat­ters.
  • dealing with and for­war­ding docu­ments such as Powers of Attor­ney.
  • dealing with exten­si­on of time requests.
  • coor­di­na­ting lar­ge filing pro­gram­mes under the super­vi­si­on of a fee ear­ner.
  • extrac­ting details from SAEGIS and other data­ba­ses, as requi­red.
  • main­tai­ning a sche­du­le of fees and pro­to­cols for for­eign filing pro­gram­me esti­ma­tes.
  • reviewing and col­la­ting recent tra­de mark case law and chan­ges in tra­de mark law and prac­tice.
  • con­duc­ting mar­ke­ting rese­arch on old, new and pro­s­pec­tive cli­ents.
  • gene­ral secre­ta­ri­al and admi­nis­tra­ti­ve assi­s­tan­ce, as requested by the Seni­or Attor­ney.
  • assis­ting with ad‐hoc Tra­de Mark pro­jec­ts, as requi­red.  

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